Security procedures are vital across all areas of your business but there are some extra factors to take into consideration when you are looking at access to your social media accounts. From disgruntled employees using Twitter to have one last dig to downloading your Linkedin contacts for personal use, it's essential to protect the time and energy investment that's gone in to creating a social media presence. Strange Marketing can help you to write a complete social media policy to implement across any size business. Below we have covered some of the factors to take into consideration and we would love to work with you to put together a full security procedure for your business.


Who has access to your social accounts? Many businesses are much more trusting with their login details to social accounts than other passwords so there could be a number of employees who know the details. It's vital to keep track of who within your company has this information. Who is continuously logged in on their work or home computers? Many social sites have options to log out all devices and change the password, this should form part of your regular security updates.


As a business owner, you have the right to decide how your company comes across online. A thorough guide to the voice of the brand can help employees without much experience of digital marketing to put the business message across in the right way. Group training works well here and Strange Marketing can help you put together a training course to bring your employees up to speed.


Running a growing business doesn't give much time for monitoring what your employees are doing. This can become even harder with flexible working getting more popular. How are you going to make sure your profiles and social media contacts are safe when your employees or contractors are working from their own laptops at home? An element of trust and a way to flag unusual behaviour can take the pressure off and means you can give anyone working for your business plenty of flexibility.

Emergency Planning

If the worst happens and you suffer a breach that could turn into a PR disaster, there are ways to manage the impact. It's important to know all the things that could go wrong, from an outsider hacking into your accounts and sharing 'off-brand' content to a full scale attack. There are ways you can manage an attack on your social presence and even turn it into positive promotion of your brand. We can work with you at short notice to manage negative feedback and keep your reputation, contacts and content safe. Get in touch on